11th of June 2006: I have added a search function – so now it’s possible to search the site (it’s located towards the bottom of the right-hand-side menu).

6th of June 2006: I added an addendum to the Half-Blood Prince essay (further spider!Snape proof mined from re-reading COS… again). I also added some new Dark Mark details to the Death Eaters vs OOTP page.

Soul Play has been updated (chapter 13).

28th of April: Added a new Rickman on Snape quote (have a look at the 2006 sub-heading at the bottom of the Rickman on Snape page).

9th of April 2006: Added some interesting information about the origins of Abracadabra – JKR’s inspiration for Avada Kedavra – to the post-HBP Snape Sleuthing section of the menu (Abracadabra and Avada Kedavra). Thanks very much to Katya for the information!

6th of April 2006: I’ve put my art site ‘Dark Arts’ back online. It still needs a bit of work, but I don’t have the time. Have a look-see here:


Oh, and chapter 10 of Soul Play has been out for a while; chapter 11 is in the works and should be out soon.

27th of February 2006: Chapter 9 of Soul Play is out.

21st of February 2006: Chapter 8 of Soul Play is out.

22nd of January 2006: One new affiliate. The Severus Snape Page.

Also, chapter 6 of Soul Play is out.

9th of January 2006 Ahem…


Also, chapter 5 of Soul Play is out.

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